Why Winter Makes Us Depressed and How to Cope

Winter can make us feel awful, exhausted and hopeless. And it may not be something we can help. We are in the midst of the cold season, and many of us are struggling with low spirits, tiredness and no drive. And it may not be our fault.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that only hits some people during certain times of the year, is a real illness. And then, when the seasons change — it vanishes. Most people who have SAD feel it in the late fall and winter, when we have less natural light and warmth, but it can also occur at other times. SAD can do more than just make us feel a bit sad, which is already a common issue. It can also mess with our sleep patterns, making some people oversleep, and our eating and drinking choices, and it can take away our interest in the things that normally make us happy.

If you think you have SAD, the first thing you should do is see a professional about it. Getting a correct diagnosis for whatever you’re dealing with is vital to treat it properly and, in turn, feel better as soon as possible. Once you have a diagnosis, sticking to a routine is key to move forward. Checking your daily plan to see if you need to modify it to make sure you’re getting enough natural light, working out, and possibly going to therapy and/or taking antidepressants. Connecting with other people is also very helpful for coping with SAD and therefore having a dependable support system — whether that’s your family, friends, co-workers or anyone else who will brighten your mood when you’re feeling wintery.

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