Unlocking gut health: how the environment affects microbiota balance

The human gut hosts millions of microbiota, primarily bacteria, which have both positive and negative effects on health. A recent article in an environmental research journal assessed how internal microbiomes and metabolites influence the human gut microbiota.

It’s interesting to note that children exposed to pets exhibit an altered abundance of intestinal microbiota taxa, and those exposed to household dust and soil have shown increased intestinal microbial diversity. People residing near green areas have higher α-diversity of the human gut. In contrast, those living in areas with high levels of air pollution are at a higher risk of intestinal microbial dysbiosis, which affects metabolic health.

To mitigate the environmental variable, diet is confirmed to play a crucial role in the gut microbial population. A fiber-rich diet promotes beneficial bacteria, while a high-fat diet increases harmful bacteria levels, promoting intestinal inflammation and altering gut permeability.

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0013935123009064

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