Trackting’s GPS App Revolutionizes Bike Security

In response to the escalating threat of bike thefts, Trackting, an Italian company specializing in high-tech GPS anti-theft systems, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution. With over 320,000 bikes disappearing in Italy in 2022 alone, the severity of the problem becomes evident, underscoring the need for robust security measures. Trackting introduces the BikeT7 and T9 systems, each tailored for specific installations on e-bikes. While T9 seamlessly integrates into front shock absorbers, the BikeT7 attaches to standard bottle cage holes, utilizing anti-removal screws for added security.

Trackting’s commitment to enhancing security doesn’t stop with physical installations. The devices, equipped with digital accelerometer sensors and GPS antennas, work in conjunction with a dedicated app, facilitating real-time monitoring. As a comprehensive security solution, the app not only alerts the owner to potential thefts but also pinpoints the exact location of the bike, providing peace of mind and immediate responsiveness. With Bike T9 priced at 129 euros and T7 at 99 euros, both including a 30-day subscription, Trackting’s innovative approach marks a significant step toward curbing the rising tide of bike thefts in Italy.

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