The Only Italian Hospital in the Top 50: What Makes It So Special?

The Gemelli Hospital has been recognized as the best hospital in Italy for the fourth consecutive year, climbing to the 35th position in the global ranking, according to the annual ranking by Newsweek in collaboration with Statista R. This achievement solidifies the university hospital’s excellence in Italy and its prominent global position. Notably, it is the only Italian hospital within the top 50 worldwide. The hospital’s history, mission, and a model that combines advanced medical care, research, and training for healthcare professionals are some of the factors that contribute to its success. The hospital’s continuous innovation and excellence in patient care are supported by the financial backing of the Founders, Cattolica University, and Toniolo Institute. The hospital’s nonprofit foundation and its role in the Lazio Region’s healthcare system are also noteworthy. Additionally, the hospital’s significance as a teaching hospital is evident by its affiliation with Cattolica University. The Newsweek ranking, analyzing 2,400 hospitals in 30 countries, emphasizes various criteria, including expert opinions, patient satisfaction, hospital quality metrics, and the implementation of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures. Gemelli’s recognition is seen as a source of motivation for continuous improvement, especially as it celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2024. The hospital urges support for its international goals and emphasizes the need for a funding and evaluation system beyond regional dimensions to enhance patient care further.

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