Solar Bread Baking: Best Practices in Europe

Arnaud Cretot is a baker-engineer who has established NeoLoco, Europe’s first solar-powered bakery, in Montville, a small town in Normandy.

Thanks to solar energy, Arnaud prepares about 140 kg of bread each week and sells it to local stores. The oven used by Arnaud is produced by the Finnish company Lytefire, of which Arnaud has become a partner. The oven utilizes a solar energy concentrator that uses 5 m² of mirrors; its power is equivalent to that of a wood-burning oven; heat is directly obtained from solar radiation; sunlight reflected by the mirrors converges onto a glass plate that allows sunlight to enter the oven; the heat is then distributed by convection. The mirror system is designed to follow the sun’s path throughout the day.


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