Social innovation in times of crisis

Social systems throughout Europe are facing significant pressures, impacting even the healthcare sector. This sector grapples with persistent challenges, including a chronic shortage of personnel and inadequate, inefficient funding, which does not align with the rising demand for services. While there’s ongoing discourse regarding the healthcare system’s resilience, true resilience can only emerge from a society that is more robust, healthier, and equitable.

In this context, community-driven social innovation remains a largely untapped resource. It possesses the potential to uncover solutions rooted in strong health principles, emphasizing aspects such as quality of life, well-being, and health equity. This approach supports the movement towards higher standards and social cohesion.

Community-based social innovation empowers individuals to bolster their self-efficacy and play a role in bridging the disparities that exist.

Social innovation holds the promise of interweaving societal well-being into the burgeoning entrepreneurial endeavors within our communities.

By focusing on functional structures and processes that reconfigure and align community resources, social innovation reinforces social support and influence.


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