Protein Bars: Do We Really Need Them?

Everyone markets protein bars as healthy snacks to eat on the go or as part of a daily routine, especially for athletes. Their origin, as explained by The New York Times, is located in California in the late ’80s when two long-distance runners devised a new recipe (mixing vitamins, oat bran, milk protein, and corn syrup) to create the first PowerBar. Today, their image has spread far beyond exercise enthusiasts, raising questions about their original utility.

Given that our bodies need protein to maintain our muscles, hair, skin, nails, and organs, today, as marketing experts explain, all it takes is to prominently label “protein” on a snack’s packaging for it to sell without anyone delving into its components and ingredients.

It is also challenging to find consumers of protein bars who genuinely need the extra protein, except for those engaged in intense workout sessions or individuals struggling to incorporate these molecules into their diets. It should be noted, in addition, that the idea is spreading that eating bars is equivalent to eating “healthily,” without paying attention to the substantial amount of sugar they contain!

So, if you need extra protein, a banana, a can of tuna, or some boiled eggs might actually be better options!


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