Mind in Italy: Easter and Italian Regional Traditions

It’s incredible to imagine the various Easter traditions that run through the Italian peninsula, which, although diverse, can be grouped according to the type of custom.

Starting from the northeast, in Friuli, as well as in the Marche and on the Forlì Apennines, Easter and Easter Monday are characterized by games based on “competitions” and “contests” between cooked hen’s eggs.

In the mountains, such as Courmayeur in Valle d’Aosta or in Badia or in Valtellina, in the Langhe and in Roero, Easter and Easter Monday are characterized by exhibitions of artistic craftsmanship, peasant reenactments, walks with folk songs, and allegorical float parades.

In central Italy, Rome and Florence, first and foremost, are known for pagan-Christian events like the “Scoppio del Carro” (Explosion of the Cart) or the Stations of the Cross. As you move south, in Campania, the famous procession of the Twelve Hooded Apostles or the bonfires in front of churches in Puglia, and the Devil’s dances in Sicily are notable traditions.

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