Summer: how to prepare mind, body, and soul

Here are the 10 ways to prepare your mind, body, and soul to transition into summer.


The first and only rule for having a “beach body” is to have a body and head to the beach: being beautiful means feeling beautiful, and we don’t need to adhere to unrealistic stereotypes.


Days are longer, merrier, and a bit lazier. A sense of tranquility can allow the mind to stop racing, calm down, and focus. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take the time to breathe deeply (it sounds cliché, but it’s proven to work!).


When it comes to preparing your body for summer, simply stick to your year-round exercise routine.


Good weather makes us feel more inspired, creative, and adventurous. Whether it’s reaching a new personal best in running or surprising ourselves by overcoming our fears and trying a new activity, this is a great way to stay motivated and focused.


Focusing on what we consider “problem areas” and addressing them can increase our sense of accomplishment and calm the anxiety that comes from not facing our issues head-on.


For some, the best thing about summer is the natural golden glow of skin and hair. Achieve it through a daily dose of vitamin D and a healthy tan.


Skin and hair endure a lot of abuse during the summer months: they tend to dry out and become naturally sun-kissed due to sun exposure and damage from saltwater. Treat yourself to your DIY hair and skincare spa and have fun creating fantastic products from natural ingredients with what you have in your pantry.


During warmer days, our need to stay hydrated naturally increases, and drinking plenty of water is essential. Make hydration more enjoyable with homemade flavored water: from watermelon to cucumber, fresh and delicious seasonal produce offers countless benefits.


When seasons change, so should we. It’s the perfect time to adapt not only to what we wear but also to our surroundings and the areas where we spend most of our time.


Summer usually means vacations. We spend all year longing for a little extra time with our loved ones: let’s try creating a “memory box” to bring back home this year.

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