Spending and recession: in the shopping cart, foods that gratify

The current economic situation is clearly deteriorating and poses challenges and choices for consumers to make. In fact, 62% of consumers globally and 70% of Italians already feel they are in a recession, and 38% (43% in Italy) believe they have the financial means to purchase only the essentials.

Consequently, the first almost instinctive remedy for the current situation is the reduction of purchased volumes. Despite such a complex situation, some product categories have shown better performance: in Italy, for example, the world of sports nutrition has grown – in terms of volumes sold – with Energy Drinks (+46.9%), Energy Drinks (+25.3%), and Supplements (+9.5%), but also the universe of Sweets (+8.8%), Ice Cream (+6.2%), and Snacks (3.9%), in general, everything that can gratify the consumer. These are products that help people cope with stressful situations and contribute to physical and mental well-being, which is a top priority for 2023.

Source: https://horecanews.it/nel-2023-i-consumatori-portano-il-benessere-nel-carrello/


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