Innovations in Acne Research: New Findings for Treatment

We now have a comprehensive understanding of the roots of acne, paving the way for innovative treatments to emerge and potentially transform the lives of over 640 million individuals worldwide. New Scientist highlights that acne, a skin condition prevalent during puberty and adulthood, has diverse origins beyond hormonal factors, encompassing diet, lifestyle, and genetics.

Researchers long suspected the role of the microbiome—microbes residing in our intestine, skin, and hair. Recent evidence and technological advancements have now confirmed this suspicion, granting scientists unprecedented insight into the dynamics of skin during an acne breakout. The emergence of pimples is primarily attributed to the overproduction of sebum, an oily substance maintaining skin hydration but prone to pore blockage. New Scientist notes that this substance becomes a food source for the bacterium “Cutibacterium acnes,” abundant in hair, stimulating the immune system and leading to skin inflammation.

Moreover, keratinocytes, skin cells crucial for microbial defense and hydration, become implicated in acne as they undergo abnormal division during outbreaks. The impact of diet on the intestinal microbiome, a community of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, further underscores the complexity of acne. Research, such as the study by Yongqiong Deng and colleagues in 2018, reveals that individuals with acne exhibit lower microbial diversity in their intestines. Adjusting one’s diet, including the use of probiotics, emerges as a potential avenue to restore a healthy microbiome. Recent treatments, like the one pioneered by Fabio Rinaldi and Giuliani SpA in 2022, show promising results in reducing acne symptoms. Despite the challenge of precisely defining an ideal intestinal microbiome, these scientific breakthroughs assure the advent of more targeted treatments for acne sufferers.

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