If you don’t like the taste, try changing the color of the plate it’s served on!

Did you know that the color of the plate on which a dish is served can influence the perception of its taste? This is the latest discovery made in psychology!

The experiment involved 47 volunteers divided into two groups, one of which was defined as a category of “picky eaters,” meaning people who have strong aversions to certain foods or have difficulty accepting new foods.

After defining a menu that avoided bitter ingredients, the food was served to both groups in red, blue, or white bowls, leading to a surprising discovery: while the color made no difference in the perceived taste for non-picky eaters, picky eaters reported changes in their taste sensations based on the color of the bowl used. In this case, the dishes served in blue bowls were perceived as more flavorful than those in white bowls, while the snacks in red bowls were seen as less desirable than those in other bowls.

Moreover, if the presentation of the dish is accompanied by appropriate table lighting and background music, the desirability effect could be further enhanced. After all, all our senses are interconnected, including taste!

This new research could help address food neophobia and the reluctance to try new foods, but further studies will be needed to examine a broader range of colors and a wider variety of nutrient-rich foods.

Source: https://www.sciencealert.com/psychologists-found-a-weird-trick-that-changes-how-food-tastes

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