Humane AI Pin Shaping the Landscape of Wearable Intelligence

Humane AI Pin, the smartphone without a display that allows you to wear artificial intelligence, is a glimpse into the future of tech innovation. Developed by Humane, founded by former Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, this device resembles a small pin and leverages the generative artificial intelligence of OpenAI and Microsoft. Imran Chaudhri, renowned for his work on groundbreaking Apple products, envisions a future devoid of traditional screens or wearable AR devices, where technology seamlessly integrates into our surroundings. Humane AI Pin, a result of five years of effort, is a compact square-shaped smartphone with no traditional screen but powered by the intelligence of OpenAI and Microsoft.

Recently unveiled at the Paris Fashion Week, where the French brand Coperni showcased it on garments worn by Naomi Campbell and other models, the device is secured to clothing using a magnetic clip that includes the battery. With an appearance akin to an Apple Watch face but thicker, it houses integrated features like a camera, speaker, and microphone. The device’s user interaction relies heavily on voice commands, and it can even project information, such as an incoming call, using a green beam intercepted by the user’s hand, turning their palm into an occasional display. The stand-alone Humane AI Pin marks a notable leap in wearable AI technology, offering a virtual assistant experience without the need for a smartphone connection.

The image used in this article is the property of Humane.

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