How to Revitalize Clothing We’ve Stopped Wearing?

Today, we offer some solutions to breathe new life into clothes we no longer wear. The categorical imperative guiding these rules is not to throw away unworn items in the trash because textile waste has a significant environmental impact, and it would be ethically incorrect. What can be done is:

RE-FASHION, or creative recycling. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can do it yourself; otherwise, you could rely on a tailor. The idea is to reshape, reassemble, and give a new life to clothing.

SWAP PARTY, a new trend based on scheduled meetings to exchange clothes which, besides being a social occasion, promotes alternative and eco-friendly shopping.

SWAP AND SELL APPS, free and widely-used applications where users can sell or exchange items by photographing and listing them.

PROMOTE CLOTHING AS VINTAGE, by offering unworn items to second-hand clothing stores.

DONATION, which involves giving unworn clothing to relatives, friends, or charitable organizations.


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