How to prepare for tanning

Spring blooms, and with it, the sun! Our dream? A slightly tanned complexion that we would like to keep after the holidays. Bet achieved by following this sun beauty program.

It is essential to prepare the skin at least three weeks before sun exposure. The advantage is twofold: your beautiful tan will be more even and last longer.

Better to know: the sun’s ultraviolet rays tan the skin but also lead to the multiplication of free radicals, one of the factors of premature skin aging. Therefore, make sure to consume vitamins that limit (but not eliminate!) the influence of these “predators.”

You will find vitamin C and beta-carotene in raw summer vegetables (tomatoes, watercress, peppers) and fresh yellow fruits (apricots, peaches, melon) and vitamin A in liver, egg yolk, oily fish, butter, and cheese. Vitamin E, on the other hand, is mainly provided by corn and sunflower oils.

The sun dehydrates the skin. To combat dryness, it is necessary to drink enough, at least a liter and a half of water a day, and apply a moisturizing and nourishing treatment that strengthens the skin’s barrier effect.

Solar capsules facilitate tanning by reducing sensitivity to UV rays. Most of them contain active ingredients that combat free radicals: carotenoids, such as carrot extract, vitamin E, and selenium.

To avoid sunburn, which weakens the epidermis, it is necessary to expose gradually: the first day, 20 minutes, the next day, half an hour, etc., and never between 12:00 and 4:00 PM.

Before sunbathing, apply sunscreen with an index that corresponds to your skin type. Fair complexions will opt for high protection factors, while less vulnerable skins will need a medium level of protection.

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