How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone Without Buying a New One

  1. Trim Down Applications:
    · Identify and delete bulky applications by accessing “Settings,” “General,” and “iPhone Storage.”
    · Common culprits include messaging, podcasts, video-on-demand, and the “Photos” gallery.
    · For Apple-edited apps like iMessages, a built-in cleaning tool is available.
    · Try the “Offload Unused Apps” feature to free up additional gigabytes.
  2. Remove Low-Quality Images (Tens of Minutes):
    · Open “iPhone Settings,” navigate to “General,” “iPhone Storage,” “Photos,” and “Review Your Videos.”
    · Delete unnecessary videos by fast-forwarding and remove hundreds of unwanted photos by accessing the “Photos” app.
    · Note down the date if you interrupt the cleanup process for later resumption.
  3. Relocate Successful Images (Over an Hour):
    · To secure long-term relief, back up more photos and videos, including good ones.
    · Choose a storage solution like pCloud or IDrive to avoid being locked into Apple’s ecosystem.
    ·Consider Google One, as it keeps photos stored even after deletion from the iPhone.
    · Keep a small portion of the best photos to reduce the risk of losing sensitive information.
  4. How to Proceed with Cloud Storage (Over an Hour):
    · Install Google Photos, subscribe to Google One if necessary, and connect to Wi-Fi for backup.
    · Once backed up, delete the desired photos directly from the “Photos” app.
    · Allow at least an hour for the process, or delete them all at once after housing them on Google One.

Follow these steps to efficiently manage and create space on your iPhone, with a total estimated time of over an hour for the entire process.

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