Green choices: bulk detergents! Here are some stores to get them in Rome

More and more often, we hear about pollution and how important it is to respect the environment for our well-being and that of future generations.

I am a very environmentally conscious person, and I have learned that our small and large daily choices can truly make a difference. We should all learn to avoid waste, choose recyclable materials, and reduce plastic consumption!

Surely, like me, you have read about bulk detergents and the significant advantages associated with their use – including savings! Moreover, they are becoming more widespread, expanding the range of products available to us consumers.

Choosing bulk products is a decision to adopt because it helps reduce the use and production of plastic. In many stores, we can bring our empty containers, and they will be refilled with our favorite products. Isn’t that fantastic?

I have found some in Rome, and, certain of the importance of this new habit of mine, I share them with you!

I will continue my search, and in the meantime, if you know of others, please do not hesitate to let me know… they say that unity is strength, right?

As promised, here are some stores in Rome:

  • Saponando Detersivi & Profumi alla Spina Roma (Detersivi & Perfumes on Tap Rome)
    Via Anagni, 136
  • Detersivi Sfusi Roma (Bulk Detergents Rome)
    Via Ponderano, 39
  • Sfusione (Bulk Detergents)
    Via Antonio Garbasso, 12
  • Negozio Leggero (Shopping on Tap)
    Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 80
  • EcoSfuso Garbatella (Bulk Detergents)
    Piazza Michele da Carbonara, 8
  • L’oasi del pulito (Bulk Detergents)
    Via delle Robinie, 35
  • Pensa Sfuso (Bulk Detergents and Soaps)
    Via Marcantonio Bragadin, 119
  • La Casa Rosa Bio (BioPerfumery and Eco-friendly Detergents)
    Via Cinigiano, 59
  • Resto Sfuso (Store of Bulk and On-Tap Products)
    Via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, 68

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