Cold: Some Tips to Protect the Meter

The water company Acque, operating in Tuscany and the Lower Valdarno, has provided the population with a guide containing some useful instructions to protect the water meter from potential freezing that could compromise its operation, leading to interruptions in water supply.

Here are the tips:

  1. Ensure that the housing compartment of the water meter is closed correctly.
  2. If the water meter is located in an unoccupied building during the winter period, close the upstream valve of the meter and proceed to drain the system.
  3. If the water meter is located in a location particularly exposed to cold, it is advisable to wrap the system with insulating materials, taking care to keep the numerator accessible for meter reading.
  4. If, upon inspection, the water meter is found frozen but not yet broken, you can wrap the meter with rags or other insulating materials or use a modest source of heat (such as a hairdryer), patiently waiting for it to thaw.


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