AI: A Positive Force in Multi-Tasking Jobs

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a threat to employment, but a study by Morgan Stanley turns the narrative, emphasizing the positive impacts of AI on work dynamics. Contrary to popular belief, AI enables individuals to effortlessly juggle two or three jobs simultaneously. Morgan Stanley’s exploration into this new technological frontier reveals the sectors, such as content creation and programming, poised to gain the most.

In an era dominated by concerns about technology’s detrimental effects on jobs, Morgan Stanley’s research highlights the simplification of work activities through generative artificial intelligence. These digital solutions automate processes across various domains, from finance to manufacturing. The study anticipates a substantial increase in earnings, projecting a staggering 83 billion dollars by 2030 for those engaged in secondary or tertiary jobs. With AI making tasks more efficient, the study challenges preconceptions and introduces the idea of embracing additional work facilitated by artificial intelligence.

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