2023: Mintel confirms the importance of health in the food & drink sector

Even the latest annual report on Global Food and drink Trends conducted by Mintel across 36 international markets confirms that health remains a top priority when it comes to food and beverage choices.

In fact, when analyzing consumer expectations for 2023, at the top of the list of preferences, there will be foods and beverages that offer cognitive health and concentration benefits. This is likely to lead to the emergence of many low-caffeine drinks or an increase in ginseng and L-theanine-based substitutes.

The most interesting aspect is that fruits and vegetables finally seem poised to become a significant element in this health-oriented journey. Meanwhile, in America, there is an exploration and study of the benefits and properties of foods resistant to climate change.

On the advertising front, the simplification of information emerges as a key element in every campaign.



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